Concrete & Limelight

Concrete & Limelight is an established company based out of Hyderabad, a city which shares a history in architectural splendour.

We develop smart, high-tech residential, and commercial buildings that are futuristic in construction and optimized in consuming resources. Our objective is to is to create a healthier living and workspaces by using smart technology. Our enterprising professionals have a strong vision of the future of living spaces and extend their boundaries by continuous innovation.

Concrete & Limelight has a reputation of delivering projects with uniquely identifiable characteristics of a fine workmanship. Our projects effuse a mixed sense of art and advanced technological essence.

Our Philosophy

Today, more than 54 per cent of the world’s population lives in urban areas, a proportion that is expected to increase to 66 per cent by 2050 by one study. With close to 90 percent of the increase concentrated in developing countries from Asia and Africa, managing urban areas is going to become one of the most important development challenges of 21st century. Concrete & Limelight is aware of the world scenario and is poised to take up the challenges of contributing its bit by developing sustainable buildings.

Our philosophy is to contribute to the urban growth by building healthy dwelling places, efficient use of natural resources and finding ways to implement new technologies in optimizing resource consumption. We seek to build smart buildings that are conducive to healthy living and provide for work spaces where everyone feels comfortable and are able to perform well.

Our Vision

To be among the most preferred partners in infrastructure development sector by consistently delivering high value to our clients and developing sustainable constructions that are forward looking, technologically advanced and future ready.

Our Mission

To deliver a healthier living and workspaces by providing construction solutions using smart technologies.

To strive to be a global leader in technology based constructions that are sustainable and fall in line with the most stringent requirements of quality, timely delivery and safety.

To remain highly committed in delivering more than satisfying results through continuous innovation and,

To establish for C&L a distinct global identity in infrastructure development and construction.

Core Values

Our core values are our fundamental beliefs as an organization. These are our guiding principles that dictate our behavior and help us determine the right path to fulfilling goals by becoming an unwavering guide.

Integrity: Integrity is no simple matter. Yet we commit ourselves to integrity in all our approach and ensure that our clients get more values while working with us.

Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable to Nature, Government and People at large for our every actions that might affect them and take measures to mitigate any adversarial outcome.

Diligence: Diligence, although cannot be measured can surely be correlated with the results we provide. Indeed it shows in every work we undertake and helps us maintain our reputation in our field.

Perseverance: Not every project we undertake is a piece of cake. We like to take up challenging projects and it is only through perseverance that we are able to deliver them as if they were one of those that we do quite often!

Discipline: Discipline within the organization is what we have promised ourselves to keep. It certainly has made us a highly organized group which reflects in our timely delivery of even a complex project.